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  • Your content and profile will be viewed by more than 170k people per month
  • Your articles will be publicized to more than 600k fans on our social media platforms
  • Pieces mailed to our list will receive further exposure from our 50k subscribers
  • You will be able to interact directly with our readers, establishing authority in your chosen topic
  • You will gain experience in producing content for a broad audience and working with a well-known online publication

What We’re Looking For

  • A commitment to authentic and honest writing
  • Passion for one of the following topics: spirituality; health & wellness; meditation; love & relationships; psychology, or; happiness
  • Fresh ideas and a unique perspective
  • 600–2000 words per article — with a unique tone, respect for grammar and punctuation, and links to relevant sources
  • Punctuality and a respect for deadlines
  • A desire to connect with others and engage in our community

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