Hi, Meditators - We have some exciting news! Version 2.3 is out and ready to be experienced in iOS and Android. Here are the highlights:

Daily Happiness - Premium

Change your life and be inspired in 10-minutes with new Meditations every day. Our mission is to make the world a happier place, and with that in mind we have created Daily Happiness, to share words of wisdom, encouragement, calmness, and valuable lessons to cultivate peace and happiness. Get ready to embark on a journey of joy, wisdom, humility, self-acceptance, and kindness. Change your life one day at a time, nourish new qualities and shift your perspective in life.

Apple Health Kit integration - FREE

Track every meditation session you complete with Apple health Kit. We made this integration possible to help you stay on track and motivated with all your health goals, including your Mindfulness meditation practice. Only available for iPhone devices.

S.O.S - Premium

Designed to beat panic attacks, overwhelming anxiety or to-the-roof stressors. Whenever you feel in a super fast paced train, with your thoughts running in all direction and your stress increasing, tap on our SOS category and hit the brakes, soon you’ll feel much better. Everyone’s experience is different when it comes to a difficult moment, but Mike’s familiar and peaceful voice will guide you through breathing exercises, and surrounding meditations to anchor yourself back in the present moment, so you can regain your inner peace and experience your day on a happier note.

Español Amigos! - Freemium

Fifteen new Spanish guided meditations, carefully chosen to cover relevant topics and challenges in life. Learn to cope with stress, gain self-stem, let go of unwanted things, and cultivate compassion with this new series. Try a free meditation and Zen in a different language.

Breathe - FREE

Breathing exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere to relieve stress and cope with anxiety. An unusual brand new feature for everyone. The little ones can easily follow the visual guidance, while the older ones can have a fun way to meditate for as long as they want. Enjoy four different exercises focused on stress reduction, anxiety management, anchoring your attention at the moment and a 6-7-8 breathing technique that’s ideal for any upsetting situation, controlling food cravings, and falling asleep easier.

Favorites - FREE

Have your Mindfulness playlist ready to guide you. Now you don’t have to remember the section and name of your favorite meditations. With our new favorite feature, you can quickly star a meditation in the play screen and access them by tapping on the favorites section