Last year I took my meditation and mindfulness practice to the deepest place I’ve been so far. I was at a ten day Vipassana Course, where you spend ten days meditating for roughly 10 hours a day, in complete silence the entire time.

It was on this personal adventure that I discovered something incredibly powerful. I found that at my deepest point in meditation that there is a deep peace within each of us. This peace is ever-present, and always accessible, yet most people would never imagine it would even exist.

While I related my meditative experience to swimming deeper and deeper into an infinite ocean, the truth of this experience is that this peace I found was in my mind. It just took a lot of work to get there.

Since I have been home from this course, I have not been able to go that deeply into meditation again. I am not sure if I’m prohibiting it from myself on a subconscious level, or if that was just a magical one-time experience. I have a feeling it was a bit of both. Since I know that place exists within me though I know, I can get there, and I found myself unconsciously trying to force the experience again. It was in this personal lesson that I discovered a few keys to bringing yourself into a deeper meditation.

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The first thing I learned about going deeper into meditation intentionally, is to surrender. It seems counterintuitive, I know. When you are trying to force an experience, though, you are not allowing the natural flow to occur, you’re manipulating it, and the creative forces are interrupted.

If you’re working mentally (even on a subconscious level) to manage the experience, then you’re working with resistance towards what is natural and you’ll likely not get anywhere with it.

The more you surrender to your meditation, and allow yourself to just be with the breath, the deepen your meditation will take you.

Deep meditation is an incredible thing. While it is nourishing for your brain and your body, it also can bring some stunning universal wisdom, exceptional clarity, and as I found on a meditation course, it can bring you to the untouchable peace that lies within each and every one of us.

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