I’m forty-eight years old and I have been disciplined about and dedicated to my physical health for decades.

I’m a vegetarian, I do not smoke, and I drink not more than 1 serving of alcohol daily. (Usually a 4 oz. a glass of red wine.) I’m physically active six days a week thru a combination of aerobic exercise, yoga, and weight training.

I’ve recently noticed a general lack of mental focus and what I call “mental slipping”. When I spoke with an expert doctor about this, he asked some questions which awakened me to the fact that I treat my mind abominably! I live in a near constant state of mild anxiety, I do continual multitasking, and I’m often stressed.

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It’s important for me to use my life well, to be productive with my time. I’ve realized that one casualty of this way of living is that the few habits during which I used to allow myself to sit still and focus on one thing, (for example, reading or praying the rosary) I have replaced with apps that allow me to also do these things “on the go”! This is a terrible way to treat my mind and almost guaranteed to result in a loss of clear, focused thinking over time.

Welzen is part of my new program of becoming disciplined about and dedicated to taking better care of my mind as I continue to take good care of my body.

I have realized that giving my mind the care, rest, and occasional quiet that it needs to function best is long overdue. Welzen is one way for me to begin to treat my mind well, to lessen my feelings of stress and anxiety and to help regain my mental focus - for hopefully many years to come!

Jen Housel