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Welzen is one way for me to begin to treat my mind well, to lessen my feelings of stress and anxiety and to help regain my mental focus

Alisha @Google Play

I downloaded it and took it to bed. I didn’t make it to the end of the session the very first night AND did not wake up through the night, not even once.

John @App Store

I could literally feel leaving my negative thoughts behind. I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day! ...and that's amazing!

Jennifer @WebApp

Access 100s of meditations

Your Path to a Happier Life

Free Premium

A New Meditation Every Day!

That’s right, a brand new 10-minute meditation with a particular lesson to guide you into a happier path in life. Expand your happiness with new wisdom, virtues, and consciousness.

Introductory Program

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5 Days of Welzen

Learn to meditate with these five meditation sessions.

Mindfulness at Work Program

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Office Hours

40+ Micro-meditations to stay mindful throughout the day


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For those special moments in life

Designed to beat panic attacks, overwhelming anxiety or to-the-roof stressors.

 5 Days Meditation Programs

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Manage Stress

Reduce Anxiety

Increase Focus

Better Sleep

Improve Relationships

Enhance Creativity

Mindfulness For Kids

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Kids Meditations

Ages: Under 6 / 7-9 and 10-12

Female Guidance

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10 Female Voice Guided Meditations

Accepting Changes
Look Deep Inside
Body Scan
Here and Now
Stress Free
Letting Go
Deep Relaxation
Deep Sleep

Single Meditations / 5-10-15-20 Minutes

Free Premium
Body Scan
Breathing Relaxation
Stress Exploration
Quick Break
Stillness Meditation
Mind Reset
Chocolate Meditation
Breathing Focus
Morning Focus
River Downstream
Breathing Consciously
Steady and Calm
Cultivating Gratitud
Emotions Observation
Kindness for Onself
Creating Your Place
Forest Visualization
Alternative Thinking

 Coming Soon to Welzen

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S.O.S - For those special moments in life

15 Spanish Meditations

Gratitude Pack

Athletes Pack

Happiness Pack

Unguided Meditations