You know, Mindfulness has a lot of wonderful benefits, but one of many is that it helps you sleep faster, longer, and better.

Our days have become very fast paced, often having little time to slow down and relax. This accumulates in your body and mind as stress.

Stress can lead to insomnia, if it becomes chronic as our risk to having sleep problems increases at the same rate as to our stress level. Why? Because if there is constant stress, our stress hormones are always activated, adrenalin and cortisol, affecting our nervous system and preventing us from sleeping well.

Not only that but stress hormones also block storage of short-term memories, which can affect our ability to recall things quickly and holding onto thoughts. As we sleep less, we become more tire, our memory fails, our brain does not hold so much information, and our stress continues to increase.

You see stress can become a vicious cycle, as stress affects our nervous system we don’t sleep well, and in some case we don’t sleep at all, which then this the lack of sleep increases our stress levels which then affects our sleep again the next day and so on. A terrible cycle I know!

That’s where mindfulness meditation comes in as an effective solution, because it significantly lowers these stress hormones in our body, calming our nervous system and helping us relax and rest better.

So in other words, meditate more and sleep better!

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