For most of my adult life (I’m 58) I have had major problems getting to sleep and staying asleep, and have often used some form of help to get to sleep.

I have played mind games such as going through the alphabet trying to think of a girl’s name starting with each letter, then boys names, then animals, and so on. These games would help me stop worrying about not sleeping. I have tried many over the counter meds as well as homeopathic medicines. When none of that worked I would get prescription sleeping medication and take that for 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 nights in an attempt to stop the lack of sleeping pattern.

On average I would have at least 1 sleepless night per fortnight and I do mean sleepless, not 1 hour, not 15 minutes absolutely nothing!! Most nights I would toss and turn in bed for at least 2 to 3 hours before dozing off around 2 a.m. then be wide awake by 5 a.m. and exhausted all day.

Welzen Meditation App!

Download Welzen Meditation App!

Some weeks ago a friend came to visit and told me she had downloaded a meditation app on her phone and when she used it she would be asleep in 10 minutes or so. Well, I knew it wouldn’t work for me, but thought at least the meditation would give me some deep relaxation, couldn’t hurt, right?

So, in Jan this year, I looked it up and found the app, which happened to be Welzen. I downloaded it and took it to bed. I didn’t make it to the end of the session the very first night AND did not wake up through the night, not even once.

Since then I have used meditation every night, except one of the nights, and after the first week of using Welzen, I have not used any form of sleep medication. It’s been a month and not even one sleeping tab has passed my lips, what a blessing!! There have been a few nights where I haven’t managed to get to sleep for an hour or so and sometimes I have listened to 2 or even 3 meditations before falling asleep but generally, I’m asleep before the first meditation finishes and I sleep till at least 6 am.

Not every night is a perfect night but most nights are, I am getting a decent sleep and coping with the world so much better.

Just wanted to say thank you, with warm regards

Angela Simmonds