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The way in which we nourish our bodies is a reflection of the way we walk through the world. Busyness has become our modern day epidemic and this affects how we think and feel about food. These days, it’s the faster the better. The result of this perpetual busyness? We find ourselves suffering from increased levels of stress. Not to mention we become more disconnected from our natural source of inner peace, joy and balance.

Mindful Eating is a way we can begin to cultivate awareness of our thoughts, patterns and ways of being in the world. It isn’t a diet or about giving anything up.

Mindful Eating is a way to stay in the present moment experience without judgment and with more joy. It’s being able to smell, touch and taste our food intensely. Indeed, mindful eating is a sacred meditation practice that we can implement daily - we just need a little intention!

As we connect to our food more deeply, we’re able to release stress, cultivate peace and feel a sense of connection with the world. When we take a bite of food, the origin of that food nourishes us. The farmers who harvested the ingredients within our food become a part of us. We are fed by the sun, rain and soil that grows our food. When we are intentional about how we nourish our bodies, we open ourselves to the power of the present moment.

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Five Powerful Benefits of Mindful Eating:

  1. Increased joy in your daily life.
  2. A greater capacity for love and compassion for self and others.
  3. Decreased stress levels.
  4. Ignited sense of intuition.
  5. Reconnection to a sense of belonging to the world.

I’m honored to be teaching two Mindful Eating sessions at the Argentina Food, Wine and Culture festival at Piedmont Park on Saturday October 29th at 1:15 PM or Sunday October 30th at 11:15 AM. Join me and Welzen to connect more deeply to yourself and the rich Argentinian culture.