So, let’s talk about calming nerves before a presentation. First I want to share a story with you. I remember a few weeks back, I was at my favorite Yoga class. The teacher was new but I thought she was great. – I’ve found a great teacher – said to myself.

Let me tell you, mindfulness meditation and Yoga are the two places where I find the most peace, where I bring out everything without any expectations or judgment.

Anyways, back to my story, at the end of the class, the teacher thanked everyone for being there, for accepting her. Turns out, it was a new class for her and she was extremely nervous and was having a panic attack. I thought how interesting it was that the person I relied on, to calm me down through her voice and practice, can be as nervous as me right before a presentation. I realized that for her, this was an actual work presentation, where she had to guide 20 new students in their yoga practice.

I walked up to her after the class and thanked her. I told her all the good things I liked about her class and mentioned she should meditate before to calm herself, let go of anxiety and prevent those panic attacks. I share my story and said that it’s only human to feel nervous and that I, as her, get nervous before going into big meetings and presentations.

2 days ago I came back to the same class and saw her. This time she came up to me and said “thank you”, for sharing my thoughts and suggesting to meditate before classes. She mentioned she had been doing it since, and that she was able to project more confidence and calmness on her classes.

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That felt really good, I’m not going to lie. It felt good to share “my secrets” and help her perform better in her line of work.

I meditate every day before going to work and during lunch breaks. But my true secret is that before every presentation, before meeting new people and talking about business, even before I’m about to talk to my boss or “argue” with him, I meditate.

Meditation helps me calm my nerves before a presentation. It helps me focus my mind, release stress, calm the anxiety of all the possible outcomes and focus on delivering the message in a calmed and clear way. Also, It helps me to better listen to other’s perspective and makes me more aware of myself on how I’m delivering the message and the audience’s response.

This is why “WE” (Welzen), decided to create a new category, called “Business Hours” focused on helping everyone, myself included, with all the challenges, stress, and anxiety working people face on their everyday life.

I’m super excited about this category coming out in the next couple of weeks. I think that with a little meditation throughout the work day, stress can be reduced a lot, and the experiences at work can become more pleasant. So stay tuned, because next week I’m going to tell you all about “Business Hours”, and how you can make this category benefit your work and personal life.