YES! you clicked on a picture of Sponge Bob instead of working on the task you have at hand!

Overcoming #procrastination is at the top of my to-do list, yet it never gets done. Click To Tweet

Why is it that many times we set out to get a task done, but instead we seem to be more interested in doing anything else besides what we suppose to be doing? Stuart Langfield studied this phenomenon and then put the video below together. Turns out we have 2 parts to our brain, an instinctual brain and a rational brain. The instinctual part of the brain is the culprit of this heinous procrastination crime and it tells you to avoid the task (and click on the sponge bob picture) while the rational brain tells you to get it done!

As you may have guessed, the rational brain is truly slow to act. The good news is that Mindfulness meditation can help you change your brain, and train it to stay on task and get things done! Watch this short video and learn how a progressive Mindfulness practice can help you start to make better choices that will result in actually getting THAT task done.

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