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I’m often asked, “what does meditation really do?” This is a fair question with a healthy amount of hesitation. My one short answer is this…

Meditation allows us to transform our relationship with our lives, creating a transformative ability to be present to the ebb and flow of internal and external experiences with ease, compassion, and joy.

It’s true, we live in a perpetually busy society where stress and anxiety wreak havoc on our minds, bodies spirits. The practice of mindfulness meditation can be our guiding light back home to our sacred selves. I often say, to practice presence is to expand the sacred container for living. What does this mean exactly? Well, when we expand our consciousness through meditation, we enhance our ability to honor and release fear, stress, worry and other forms of human suffering. By being present with ourselves, we see the truth that we can control very little in our external world ~ but what we do have power over is how we relate to our lives. For example, we possess choice on where we put our attention. Are we focusing on the gratitude, love, and joy available to us in the present moment or are we ruminating about the past or the future?

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In a world where you truly need to disconnect in order to find a signal, carving out time for stillness and silence is imperative to our health and happiness. Meditation has the amazing capacity to be the yin to our hyper-yang lives. Essentially, through the cultivation of presence, meditation can create a greater sense of inner peace, emotional balance, love, and joy. It’s energizing to realize we hold the power to increase these capacities within. Pause and think about that for a moment. Contemplate how much time we spend fixated on external circumstances and material items when what our hearts are truly, deeply seeking ~ love, joy, peace and meaning ~ exists within the depths of you. Not on the external.

When we relinquish the need to control or manipulate thoughts, feelings, body sensations, our partners, friends, family and external circumstances, we can discover our inner essence, the essence of abundant joy, love, and peace. With a consistent meditation practice, one cultivates awareness of the present moment experience ~ rewiring the brain and bolstering our vital inner resources. That’s right, we can RE-WIRE our own brains to focus on positive experiences and the overall beauty of life.

Even 15-30 minutes a day on your meditation cushion can expand your sacred container, allowing a life of profound meaning to unfold.

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Excavate meaning for living
Enhance creativity
Increase joy
Increase inner peace
Create a greater capacity to give and receive love
Improve memory
Decrease anxiety

Decrease stress by reducing stress hormones such as cortisol
Alleviate depression
Reduce irritability
Decrease emotional reactivity
Strengthen immune function
Lower blood pressure and hypertension

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