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What is an Essential Oil?

If you’ve ever crushed mint leaves between your fingers, squeezed the rind of a lemon or simply smelled a fresh bouquet of lavender, you’ve experienced essential oils. These naturally occurring, aromatic compounds are what protect plants and give them their distinct scents. They’re also incredibly powerful and just one drop can have several therapeutic benefits.
Each essential oil has its own set of unique properties, which means you can use them for multiple purposes. You can use lemon to enhance your mood and purify the air.  You can use lavender to soothe minor skin irritations and help you relax before bed. And the beautiful thing about doTERRA’s essential oils? They’re so easy to use. You can get the abundant benefits each oil offers by simply taking the lid off the bottle and smelling the amazing aroma.
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Essential Oils and Meditation

Meditation is one of the simplest, most transformative forms of self-care you can practice. And the benefits are long-lasting! Meditation is all about focusing on your breath, calming your mind and staying present in the moment.
Sound wonderful? It is. And the benefits are just as good. Mediation has been shown to calm the nerves, lower high blood pressure, and bring the mind to a restful state. One way to enhance your mediation is with essential oils that promote focus, clarity, relaxation and even spiritual connection. Simply smell or apply the oil(s) that feel right in the moment.

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