When we begin meditation, everybody starts in a different place, and sometimes we get “it” straight away, within the first five minutes you go like, wow this feels nice! For somebody else, it might take a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

Some Common complaints include:

  • My mind is too wild to tame.
  • I still feel stressed out, which means that mindfulness isn’t working.
  • I thought this was supposed to be easy.

A lot of people get frustrated with mindfulness because they focus on expectations rather than seeing how things really are. My suggestion will be not to rely on your own expectations as this will get you frustrated early on.

Studies show that a consistent mindfulness practice can start to produce results in only 8 weeks but this doesn’t mean that your problems will immediately disappear. Mindfulness is not a magic pill and it doesn’t produce the same results for everyone.

While some people may notice an enormous sense of peace and relaxation when they meditate, other may really struggle with distraction or not being able to tame the inner voice. Even if you struggle, is ok, you can be mindful in the midst of frustration and doubt.

Meditation is about turning up each day; it doesn’t matter if we have a sense of what’s changing or what’s happening. It can get very complicated when we’re trying to analyze this stuff.

The important thing is just to turn up and to approach it the right way each day, and it will naturally unfold in its own time.