The habit of meditation is one of the most powerful and beneficial things I’ve ever learned; and in theory, is a simple one to do, since you can do it anytime, anywhere, for whatever time you can. I say in theory, because sometimes, if I don’t push myself to stick to my practice I’ll find very easily, something else to do with those 5-10 minutes.

My best time to mediate!

For me the best time to meditate is during my lunch break! I take a break anyhow, I can go outside and change environments in the middle of my workday, and it doesn’t interrupt my schedule in anyway.

Why I meditate?

For me is a way to recharge for the second half of my day. I learned to meditate for 10 minutes on every lunch break, and with time I noticed how focused I was during the afternoon. I noticed my stress was diminished and I felt relaxed and at ease.

Before I started meditating during lunch, I used to sit down, each lunch while I worked, or eat while I browse through facebook or instagram. In other words, there was no break for my brain, I was engaged the entire time and burning off more energy.

So how do I do it?

I learned to commit to just 5 minutes a day. So that’s my advice. Start simple, after you finish eating take 5 minutes to slow down, focus on your breath, or do a quick guided meditation. You can add up minutes as you deepen your practice. I do it for 10 minutes and will start to incorporate 15 minutes long meditations into my practice, from time to time. If you do it short and sweet, you’ll see the benefits and be more likely to keep it up.

Spots: You can be outside, or at your desk, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and no one is talking to you.

Posture: For lunch meditations, the best posture is sitting down with your back up straight. That way your mind can relax but your body is still engaged.

Try to keep it up for a month and you’ll have a wonderful habit! Just wait and see how much better you’ll start to feel throughout your day.

Other Benefits of Meditation:

  • Not only it relieves stress and helps you relax, but most importantly, it teaches you to manage stress overtime in a healthier way
  • It gives you a sense of well being and gratitude for life and everything you have
  • You’ll start to live fully and enjoy even the little things in life
  • Your happiness will be boosted! Just wait and see
  • Your ability to focus will increase and with that you’ll process information in  better ways
  • Mindfulness, it’s a window to your innerself, and once you open it, you’ll be able to get to know yourself, your thoughts and the triggers for many emotions and reactions
  • Also, research shows other benefits such as improved metabolism, better respiration, lower blood pressure, and stronger immune system

So why not do it! Join me in my practice and use your break wisely. Finish your day strong; feeling happier and being healthier!

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