I’m really excited to introduce our newest premium meditation category for working people like you and I…

“Business Hours” is Micro-meditations intended to keep you focused, stress free, and mindful while at work.

Business Hours it’s divided into 2 main sub-categories: “Before Meetings and Office Hours”. Let’s take a deep dive and see what’s included in these 2 sub-categories:

Before meetings:

  • Personal Practice – 1-2 minutes micro-meditations, designed to give you a “private moment” before heading into meetings. Meditating for even 2 minutes can clear your mind and help you focus on what’s coming, so you can be more productive and showcase greater leadership on the meeting ahead.
  • Group Practice – 1-2 minutes micro-meditations that can help you break the ice and get your audience truly ready, focused, and engaged to meet the meeting’s goals.
  • Before Presentations – The adrenaline is kicking in, the nerves are through the roof and you are about to present - This sub-category was created to calm your anxiety and stress with it’s 2 minute micro-meditations. Presenting it’s not easy, but entering the presentation with a calmed and focused mind can certainly increase your presentation skills. Many times our worst enemy it’s no more than our own selves’ anxiety and nervousness.

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Office Hours:

Micro-meditations designed to help you start, stay, and finish your day strong.

  1. Star of your workday
  2. Morning break
  3. Lunch time
  4. Afternoon break
  5. Disconnect from work

For me not every day it’s the same, but I face very similar challenges on a day to day basis, like feeling sleepy after lunch, accumulating stress during tough deadlines, and having a hard time focusing at some points of the day. I love this category because it helps me balance my day, stay focused, and when it’s time to go home I can also disconnect from work. So start taking your mini vacations, you’ll see how much happier, focused, productive, and stress free you are during your workday!

Coming Soon

Also, soon you’ll be able to set gentle reminders for this category to help you come back and meditate throughout the day. As easy as it sounds! You won’t even have to remember, just sit back and let your mind recharge.

Business Hours is a premium category which means that in order to take advantage of it you’ll have to have a premium welzen subscription. To subscribe click here.

Sample Micro-Meditations from the Office Hours Category of the Welzen Meditation App

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