Not finding time to meditate? You are not alone, we all have the same problem 🙂

Life is busy, and we have lots of things to do, commitments, and responsibilities. An old saying brings it down to earth for me. If you can’t find 10 minutes in a day to meditate, you probably need 20′.

If our life is so kind of busy that we can’t even find ten minutes in the day, then what value are we putting in our minds?

Our mind - that we depend upon for every single interaction in our life. If we can’t give 10 minutes to that, then, are we living a happy life?

All of this made me think about it and say, OK, can I somehow create that 10 minutes?

For me, it came down to getting up a little bit earlier. You may be thinking to yourself - I couldn’t manage on any less sleep. The quality of rest in the body and the mind that we get from meditation is a far more efficient - particularly at that later stage of sleep when we’re a bit dizzy in the morning

So it’s much better to get up 15 minutes earlier and create that 10 minutes than not to do any meditation at all.