Let’s make the world a happier place through mindfulness meditation.

Mission & Vision

Wellness is the healthy state of our mind, body, and heart. Zen is the practice of mindfulness and meditation. When we integrate the value of Wellness with the practice of Zen, Welzen is birthed.

We started this company because we believe that holistic wellness, mindfulness, and meditation will change the world.

Scientific studies show that mindfulness reduces stress while increasing emotion regulation, working memory, focus, productivity, intuition, relationship satisfaction and overall joy levels. Anyone can learn and apply the practices, meditations, and teachings of Welzen, as they fit into any walk of life.

When we care for our minds, bodies, and hearts with compassionate mindfulness, we transform. The potential to uplevel humanity’s collective success is boundless. Welzen is committed to offering meditations, programs, and overall teachings to support your highest human potential in all areas including work, relationships, mental health, travel, parenting and beyond!

Remember, life only happens right here, in the present moment. NOW is the time to cultivate limitless health, happiness, and meaning in your life. We warmly invite you to take this Welzen journey with us. 

Who we are

Lena Franklin
Head Of Content

As a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher & International Wellness Guide, Lena will teach you that “to journey in inward is your highest calling.” Integrating Eastern philosophy with Western neuroscience, Lena’s holistic healing work is grounded in Buddhist Meditation, Mindfulness Philosophy & Healing Yoga.

Lena’s mindfulness-based business encompasses individual client work, mindfulness corporate training, personal growth workshops and international wellness retreats. Raised in a hybrid Buddhist/Christian household, Lena was introduced to meditation as a young child. Today, this mindfulness foundation fuels Lena’s mind, body, heart teachings that enhance human potentiality.

Lena has been featured in various media outlets including the New York Times & World Traveler magazines. Learn more by visiting her website

Beatriz Gonzalez

I am a retired professional Tennis player, and I started meditating when I started meditating 17 years ago as part of my mental training to enhance my performance on the court.

Esteban Gonzalez

Back in 2010 after getting divorced, I started meditating as a way to organize my thoughts and to forgive myself and others. Since then, I’ve never stopped.