Remember that Mindfulness is being fully present, experiencing every moment with ease and without judgment.

From that perspective, Mindfulness can be and should be applied to everything in life. However, applying mindfulness to daily activities, which are usually done with little effort, can be a real challenge and a great practice for your mind.

Start by turning one or all 3 of these activities into a Mindfulness practice.

Washing dishes:

This is an activity that may be tedious for most people. So it’s usually done in autopilot mode, letting your mind wander off, or turning your attention to other things. Instead, take this opportunity to experience it. Feel the water running through your hands, feel the temperature, the texture of the sponge. Place your attention on the motions of your hands as you clean the dishes. Enjoy the moment, the experience.

Brushing Your Teeth:

I hope this one is less traumatic for you, as it’s done several times a day. But still is something that most likely you do without thinking or needing your full attention. Change it up. Experience the brush against your teeth. The flavor of the toothpaste. Fee every stroke and focus on your body sensations. Start enjoying the little moments in life where you do something for yourself as simple as cleaning your teeth.

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Commuting to work or school:

If you are like me, commuting is something that most definitely gets done by memory, without my mind having to be present. Experience your commute, drive to it as if it was the first time. Take each turn mindfully. You can also tune into your emotions, observe them and explore how they reflect in your body. Look around. Do an exercise of noticing at least the color of each car that is in front of you. Try to remember them.

At first, it may seem difficult or even silly to try any of these exercises out. You may be thinking what’s the point? But trying to bring your full attention to simple activities is one of the best forms of a Mindfulness practice. When you meditate, you practice mindfulness by becoming fully aware of your breath, sounds, or whatever the exercise prompts you to. The same can be done with simple activities. I’m not saying to replace your meditation practice, but applying your full attention to real situations, will most definitely change the way you experience life for the better. Plus you don’t have to make extra time; you’re are already doing at least one of the three activities on a daily basis, I hope! =)