The end of the year is rapidly approaching and many of you are evaluating 2016’s overall success.

“New Year Resolutions” have become more common each passing year. From personal goals to professional career choices, there’s a long list of things to attain in the year to come.

Today’s super fast paced environment have people focused on task, deadlines, reviews, and achievements, mostly with an emphasis on careers or society structures such as marriages, or having a family at whatever age. This madness has to stop and people need to slow down in order to achieve a happier and balanced life.

Personally, my new year resolution’s list was based on a bunch of structures and common things to have on. I always had something along the lines of “achieve success in my career, find a loving man, have better eating habits, get leaner and fitter”. I cannot say that the list didn’t help since I did find a loving husband and I believe I am on the right track with my career, but honestly, I was missing lots of the things I truly needed in life.

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At some point, about a year ago, I realized I had already accomplished most of the big items on my list. I thought other than “leaner and fitter”, and “having success” what do I really want or need in my life and how do I define success? For me, it came down to one simple word: “Happiness”.

Being successful for me, today, means to be happy and emotionally balanced.

So how did I come up with happiness? It came up through meditation. This is why is so important to look deep inside. I realized there was no point on being successful, beautiful, smart, having a family or a gorgeous house (not that I was or had all those things) if I couldn’t enjoy each moment and be at peace with myself and others. I realized I had some emotional wounds I needed to heal and some changes to be made in the way I lived in order for me to be truly happy once again.

In other words, it really comes down to being kind to oneself. Click To Tweet

In other words, it really comes down to being kind to oneself. So this upcoming year, be kind to yourself. Forget for one second about society structures, the material world, kid’s and family. Focus on you. I encourage you to do an “end of year meditation”. Take this last week and do a short 5-10 minute daily meditation and look deep inside. Observe your thoughts, your emotions and really ask yourself what do you want and need for you to be happy, content, and emotionally balanced.

I’m not saying to forget about you job or family, because those are there no matter what (well, matters what, those are there if you keep doing the right thing) But if you take care of inner-self first, grow, are at peace and happy as a person, you are able to better perform and give, in your personal and professional life.

The more you find little things that truly serves you as a person the easier it’ll be to stick to your resolutions. So again this upcoming 2017 ditch your common resolution’s list and make it about you. Fill it with hope, inner retrospection, awareness and a solid plan to make yourself happier and better.

Here are some suggested meditations you can do and additional resources that will help you with your inner search.

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Other Resources:
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin S. Sharma
The book of Joy – 14th Dalai Lama, Douglas Abrams, Desmond Tutu