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A major resolution for 2017 is to build me up. I have a highly stressful and demanding job, and I have been finding it extremely difficult to remain positive. I am a devoted fan of Louise L. Hay, and she often mentions meditation as an important element in the betterment of our lives, but somehow I did not feel prepared to try it.

On January, 2nd of this year I was reading an article on the best mindfulness apps, and I felt connected at once. Based on the review I started to narrow down the choices and eventually I decided to give Welzen a try.

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Although my biggest challenge is managing stress, I chose a different topic for my first meditation in the Welzen family. As it is a new year and a new chapter in my life, I thought I had to cleanse my heart and mind of all the grudges and negative feelings that have accumulated over the years. So I picked the meditation on “Letting Go”. It was my first ever 10-minute meditation, and I just could not believe how soon it came to an end.

More importantly, I could literally feel leaving my negative thoughts behind. I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day!

Currently, I am doing the series on “Managing Stress”, and I find it amazing! I like the idea that there is an introduction to the topic and also some coaching. The meditations in the series follow a sequence, but there are single meditations as well.

I am making the first steps in the LONG process of mastering mindfulness, but I can already experience some positive changes in how I see the world around me and how I respond to problems or challenges.