The way we approach meditation is the most important thing in order to get the most benefit from it.

Here are 3 simple tips that you should always remember when meditating.

1 – Expectations.

If you are thinking that just because you are doing an exercise called meditation, your mind is immediately going to switch off, be quiet, without any thoughts, then you are wrong! This idea will make you think that you’ve failed and you are not good at this so called “meditation”. In the end, you may not even try it again. This is why, when you approach meditation you should try to eliminate expectations and rather enjoy the experience. Know that your mind won’t be quiet right away. Thoughts will arise, and that’s ok, it is perfectly natural.

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2 – Effort.

We live in a society where we are encouraged to do everything, with passion and intensity. This mindset is great as it will gets you to a lot of places you want to in life. But, you cannot force relaxation. You can’t force a quiet mind, the same way that you can’t force sleep. With meditation, it cannot come down to trying harder or focusing more. It has to comes down to enjoying the moment and experiencing that sense of easing. Instead of trying so hard, switch your mindset around to think “Oh great, for the next 10 minutes I don’t have to do anything! that’s awesome”. Not doing in this case turns out to be better.

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3 – The Blue Sky.

I always thought that happiness or peace of mind was somewhere else, like 5 minutes from now, tomorrow, somewhere, something else to accomplish. But reality is different than that. Think of it this way, even on a cloudy day, the blue sky is still there, hidden, but there. The blue sky is, in this case, your peace of mind, that sense of happiness. Which means even in the most difficult moments you can have a moment of relaxation. Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings are what sometimes “clouds” you and separates you from having peace of mind. Meditation can be your path to slowly dissolve what clouds your mind and put you in a more peaceful state of mind.

So keeping these 3 tips in mind when meditating does something to our meditation experience. Rather than projecting our idea onto the experience, try to simply witness the experience.

So remember, your mind will keep thinking thoughts, know that you don’t have to try too hard and lastly, peace of mind and relaxation is already here and you can access it through meditation.